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  • Bicycle Touring Crash Course
  • Bicycle Touring Q & A
  • Faith Lessons from the Open Road
  • Long Faith Journey to Marriage
  • Five Publishing Regrets
  • Book Marketing for Newbies
  • Writing Mechanics
  • How My Novel Made Me a Better Writer
  • Life Experts (for seniors)
  • How Financial Derivatives Work
  • Life Lessons from the Seat of a Bicycle
  • Life Lessons from the Chessboard (youth)
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Inspirational Content

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Wheels of Wisdom by Tim and Debbie Bishop


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  • Writing
  • Publishing
  • Book marketing
  • Bicycle touring
  • Christian faith
  • Coaching
  • Business management
  • Financial analysis
  • Hedging financial risk
  • Chess


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Spring Hill, Tennessee

Heartprint Writers Group
Franklin, Tennessee

Middle Tennessee Authors Circle

Blue Ridge Reader Connection

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Southern Christian Writers

Largest Christian writers conference held annually in Asheville, NC

Writers conference held annually in Memphis

Open Road Press
Love and Life by Bicycle publishing

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