Fun Facts about Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop author and bicycle traveler

Did you know that Tim Bishop…?

…worked with novelist Stephen King at a state Little League championship game in Old Town, Maine.

…won a racecar set in a letter-writing contest to Santa Claus.

…got hooked on roller skating and ten-pin bowling when he moved to Connecticut after college.

…interviewed Luis Tiant of the Boston Red Sox.

…won his final game in the 1988 World Chess Festival with former world champion Mikhail Tal looking on.

…worked on radio and television sports broadcasts, providing support for on-air talent and production.

…wrote computer programs for in-game statistics for basketball and football, which were used in statewide telecasts of University of Maine sports.

Tim Bishop and Debbie Bishop authors and bicycle travelers in Vermont

…never traveled west of the Mississippi River and rarely outside New England until he married Debbie and went bicycling with her.

…picked potatoes in Northern Maine from the ages of six to sixteen.

Tim Bishop picking potatoes in Houlton Maine

…stood atop a five-million-gallon oil tank (but was reluctant to let go of the railing).

…played basketball in subzero weather. (It was hard to dribble with gloves and a frozen ball.)

…executed wire transfers in the millions of dollars when he worked in business.

…traded futures and options on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

…defeated an International Chess Master. The game was published in the Boston Globe.

…has bicycled in 37 of the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

…has chatted with people on TheHopeLine from six of the seven continents.