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September 2023

Communication, interview and audio content, Midwest Book Review, Review of Powner novel

Summer road trip, blog tour, Christian Product Expo,  Faith Radio interview, submission to authority

The Persistent Road book launch, disappointment

Ace Collins endorsement, countdown to launch, anxiety

Assembling launch team, isolation revisited, Bradley endorsement

Isolation, hopelessness, NetGalley, Powner endorsement

When All Seems Lost, discouragement, cover reveal

Filtering Inputs to Thought Life

Preserving the Joy of Christmas, holiday blues

Fatherlessness, gratitude amid redemption

Self-worth, drying out wet cycling shoes

What’s in a name?, bicycle route selection

Stubbornness, bicycle helmets

anxiety, selecting a book title

suicide, National Civil Rights Museum, Golden Gate Bridge

abandonment, Montana Children’s Home, finding a travel companion

relationships, multitasking on a bicycle, “What Do You Value Most?”

grief, “The High Cost of Stubbornness”

cutting/self-harm, Santa Monica pier, “The Power of Consequences”

loneliness, Bixby Bridge, “Wondering about Wandering”

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