The Persistent Road is now available as an audiobook!

“An enjoyable and unexpected story.”

—KATIE POWNER, Christy Award-winning author

“This is a journey well worth taking.”

—ACE COLLINS, Christy Award-winning author

“A beautiful story. More than a novel, it's hope on paper.”

—KATIE SHANDS, author of the award-winning Finding Franklin

Southern Christian Writers Conference Notable Book Award
The Persistent Road by author Tim Bishop

“A compelling, well-crafted page-turner; an up-all-night sensory experience.”

—KEN VANDERPOOL, author of The Music City Murders

“A deep and satisfying read from beginning to end.”

—SALLY BURBANK, author of the Ladies in Lab Coats series

“It's a book I'll read again and again.”

—PATRICIA BRADLEY, author of Counter Attack

A novel by Tim Bishop? That’s right! The Persistent Road is an inspirational adventure novel. Here’s how it came about:

While cycling through the Pacific Northwest several years ago, the Bishops encountered a troubled man. His unprovoked outburst in a restaurant in the Oregon high desert left patrons bewildered. Where did such rage come from? After returning home, Tim unpacked what was hidden inside the man, a compelling story filled with twists and turns. It came to market as a novel in June 2023.

Here’s what endorsers are saying about it:

The Persistent Road is a beautifully written story of tragedy and triumph. It’s a simple, straightforward narrative of the complicated nature of love, loss, and faith. In a way the novel reminds me of the iconic television series, The Fugitive, but rather than a journey to prove innocence, the lead in Tim Bishop’s book is searching for self-worth and reasons to live. Prompted by the wishes of his late wife, the people who come into Doug Zimmer’s life make the road he travels fascinating and meaningful for readers. This is a journey well worth taking.”

—ACE COLLINS, Christy winning author of The Color of Justice

“Tim Bishop’s The Persistent Road will draw you in and keep you turning the pages and telling yourself, ‘just one more chapter’ until the very end. It’s a book I’ll read again and again.”

—PATRICIA BRADLEY, author of Counter Attack

“A convincing story of how even the hardest of hearts isn’t hopeless. Expect a wonderful but intense journey on two wheels, one that is both difficult and freeing. Great book!”

—BETH PATCH, senior editor/producer for

“The Persistent Road is an enjoyable and unexpected story that tackles tough spiritual questions. The characters felt authentic and down-to-earth even while doing things I could only dream of. If you enjoy engaging, faith-based stories that take you on a journey, this book is a good choice.”

—KATIE POWNER, Christy winning author of Where the Blue Sky Begins

“I read this compelling page-turner in less than 24 hours. Virtually every scene is a sensory experience of either heart-wrenching tension or heart-warming empathy. Both transport the reader on an emotional trip through the challenging switchbacks of the western United States as well as Doug Zimmer’s conundrums. It’s hard to believe this was Tim Bishop’s first journey into the world of fiction. I can’t wait for his next outing.”

—KEN VANDERPOOL, author of The Music City Murders

“Tim Bishop’s love of real-life bicycle adventures shines true in this faith-based fictional tale of a man who’s hit bottom in more ways than one and needs a miracle to save not only his own life, but that of a man he’s just met. Persistence goes both ways for Douglas and the Lord of life who stands knocking at every turn in this heart-pounding ride.”

—LISA LICKEL, author of UnderStory and UnderCut

“Anyone who considers themselves a serious bicyclist realizes that it is an exercise of sheer grit, determination, and the strongest of wills. In The Persistent Road, Tim Bishop delivers a fictional tale of one man’s intense journey of changing gears when life seems hopeless and unforgiving. This book is not only an engaging celebration of the human spirit but an insightful reminder that God can create miraculous outcomes even when all seems lost.”

—CHRIS CARPENTER, managing editor,

“Written with immersive descriptions and deep reflection, The Persistent Road takes readers on a journey through the marvels and wiles of both nature and the human condition. In a world that isolates and discourages vulnerability, it’s a book that makes us all feel a little less alone.”

—KATIE SHANDS, author of the award-winning Finding Franklin

“A deeply moving, suspenseful, and satisfying book, The Persistent Road portrays God’s love in a way that captures well both the miraculous and the mundane in a potent mix and life-changing journey. You may catch glimpses of your own story, past or present, and become excited for the next day’s ride.”

—ANDY REESE, author of The Spiritual Gifts Blueprint

“In The Persistent Road, Tim Bishop masterfully chronicles the journey of a man who undertakes a grueling bicycle trek to escape his despair. A deep and satisfying read from beginning to end.”

—SALLY BURBANK, author of the Ladies in Lab Coats series

“A well-written story filled with adventure, vivid imagery, and timely plot twists. Highly recommended! The Persistent Road challenged me to keep the heart of God in mind when I share my faith.”

—JUSTIN HANNEKEN, Executive Director of Ends of the Earth Cycling

“An empathetic peek into the emotions of those who have suffered loss, a touching portrayal of the persistent call of God, and a declaration of faith.”

—JERIS HAMM, chaplain, Marketplace Chaplains