Bicycle Touring How-To

What We Learned

by Tim and Debbie Bishop

Tips on how to make the most of a bicycle tour.  From two people who learned the hard way what not to do. Includes sample packing list.

Good practical advice and very useful.

–Verified Amazon Reviewer

Bicycle Touring How-To by Tim and Debbie Bishop

Discover the secrets of a successful bicycle tour.

This book is all about learning how to bicycle tour from the ground up—and quickly—because that’s just what authors Tim and Debbie Bishop did when they ventured across America after marrying. Bicycle Touring How-To contains tips on:
  • equipment
  • security
  • pre- and post-trip logistics
  • saving money
  • technology
  • the daily routine
  • and much more

Includes a sample packing list and trip costs as well as website addresses of an illustrative trip journal, maps, and logs.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for a grand adventure!