Hedging Demystified

How to Balance Risk and Protect Profit

by Tim Bishop

Beneficial to both newcomers to hedging and those wanting to broaden their understanding.

–Joe Smith, VP for an energy marketer

Hedging Demystified by Tim Bishop

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Do changes in:

  • Commodity prices
  • Interest rates
  • Foreign currency exchange rates or
  • Weather

jeopardize your bottom line?

Finally, it’s here: a practical, straightforward book on how to manage those uncertainties. It contains clear illustrations of how futures, options, and swaps work to curb risk. Written for a businessperson by a businessperson, this handbook explains:

  • The mechanics of hedging
  • How hedging protects wealth
  • How to achieve more predictable earnings amid the unpredictable
  • Specific examples of hedging
  • Hedging opportunities and pitfalls

Hedging Demystified is an essential guide to any business that deals with commodities, debt, international trade, or weather. This primer on hedging brings clarity and direction to make your business more sustainable.

Answers so many questions that a new face to hedging may not think to ask until it’s too late. –Heather Bergeron, Managing Director, Dixie Asset Management

“Laid out in a way that makes the relevant issues easy to understand.” –Jordan Ness, Fuels Trader, Chemoil, a division of Glencore

“I will be using this book as a key reference tool –Charlie Hahn, CFO, Dead River Company

A CPA and former corporate treasurer with over thirty years of business experience, Tim Bishop has seen hedging from all angles—as scout, strategist, tactician, trader, accountant, supervisor, and treasurer. He knows how to distill the complexities of financial hedging risk for people who are looking for answers.