Metaphors in Motion

Wisdom from the Open Road

by Tim and Debbie Bishop

Includes lessons “The Road Less Traveled, “Interstate Adventure, and “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

“They might have suffered from a lack of mechanical know-how, but they had no deficiency in passion and conviction.”

–the late Tom Nenadal, from the foreword.

Metaphors in Motion by Tim and Debbie Bishop

From the coauthors of the award-winning Wheels of Wisdom.

After pedaling thousands of miles throughout America, midlife newlyweds and cross-country adventurers Tim and Debbie Bishop offer eight powerful life lessons from the seat of a bicycle.

Do you need some inspiration or a nudge in your life? Whether you are bored, navigating unfamiliar terrain, struggling to get started, or just plain stuck, the epiphanies inside this book will bring focus to your journey.

With wisdom gleaned all the way from a twilight ride up an Idaho mountain to a bicycle shop in Delaware, Ohio, Metaphors in Motion provides enlightenment for your own travels through life.

“I’m inclined to believe there was more to our meeting than met the eye. …The Bishops’ arrival at my bike shop on that day prompted some deeper thought about a greater purpose in my life.” –the late Tom Nenadal, author of the foreword who met the Bishops in Marshall, Missouri, on one of the couple’s tours

“If you’ve already done the bulk of your planning, chances are you’re about to become stuck or you already are. It’s time to quit stalling and begin the adventure! –Tim Bishop, from Over-preparing or Underperforming? in Metaphors in Motion

 Certain principles are universal.