There’s always an escape.
Sometimes you need to search long and hard for the right one.

The Persistent Road by Tim Bishop

After losing all he once cherished, Doug Zimmer follows his wife’s parting bread crumbs and rides up the Pacific coast—on a bicycle. Armed with a revolver and only a vague plan to get through the months ahead, he aims to end his depression one way or the other.

As spiritual forces wrangle for his soul, he pedals eastward across America. He meets Lauren Baumgartner—a younger adventurer with a vibrant spirit—and a band of zealots who confront his aversion to religion. Accompanying Doug are not only sunny days and the beauty of nature but also the perils of the road, fellow travelers with their own stories, and the hollow silence of solitary campsites playing host to unseen creatures of the night.

A jarring episode on a climb through a treacherous pass brings Doug face-to-face with life and death. Will Doug’s adventure deliver him from loneliness and lament . . . or hurtle him to an abrupt end?

The Persistent Road is a beautifully written story of tragedy and triumph.... This is a journey well worth taking.”

Christy Award-winning Author of The Color of Justice

“Tim Bishop's The Persistent Road will draw you in and keep you turning the pages.”

Author of Counter Attack

“An enjoyable and unexpected story that tackles tough spiritual questions.”

Christy Award-winning Author of Where the Blue Sky Begins

TIM BISHOP has bicycled many of the roads that Doug Zimmer travels in The Persistent Road. And having coached people struggling with similar issues, the author is familiar with his protagonist’s problems. Tim and his wife, Debbie, are coauthors of the award-winning Wheels of Wisdom.

Author Tim Bishop

“A convincing story of how even the hardest of hearts isn’t hopeless. Great book!”

Senior Editor/Producer for

“It’s hard to believe this is Tim Bishop’s first journey into the world of fiction.”

Author of The Music City Murders

Genres: Contemporary Christian Fiction / Outdoor Adventure

Publisher: Open Road Press

Publication date: June 20, 2023

368 pages