Author Tim Bishop Launches New Website

In anticipation of launching a novel in 2022 or 2023, I’m rolling out a new website, Unlike the Open Road Press website that my wife, Debbie, and I used to promote our coauthored books about our bicycling adventures, this website is author-branded. It will allow me to share content with readers and media from the perspective of a novelist and a “purveyor of hope.”

Simultaneously, I’m establishing an email subscriber list linked to my new website. A robust list is vital to the marketing success of a new book and an author’s career. It connects the author to his readers and vice versa. I expect to issue a newsletter no more than once a month. Readers can also opt into this blog when subscribing to the newsletter. In addition to my articles on websites such as, I anticipate posting unique content to my website a few times a month.

I invite you to join my newsletter list for the inside scoop.

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